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Fire Alarms

Thorough Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection for Wayne & Southeast Michigan

In the case of an emergency, it is imperative that your fire alarm is ready to be activated. Fire alarm systems have electronic components with varying degrees of intelligence and complexity. All fire alarm parts in a system must be in good working condition for the fire panel central processing unit to receive signals from smoke detectors, heat, detectors, pull stations, or other devices. 

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We Ensure Your Alarms Are Working Properly Through Various Tests and Inspections

The fire alarm control panel must be in good working order to send signals to the alarm devices to notify occupants and first responders when a fire or smoke detector is activated. Valiant Security provides its clients with a comprehensive routine inspections, testing, and maintenance plan to ensure these critical fire alarm functions are working like they should be. We offer plans and contracts that will help keep your business in compliance with NFPA standards, building codes, and ordnances with local fire marshals and building departments.

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Fire alarm testing and inspections by our State of Michigan licensed technicians include:

  • Testing control panel functions, fire alarm batteries, fuses, LED's, and monitoring signals.
  • Testing of heat detectors, smoke detectors, manual pull stations, fire sprinkler water flow switches, and any other alarm initiating devices for proper function and reporting back to main fire alarm panel.
  • Testing of duct smoke detectors, fire sprinkler tamper switches, fire pump panel supervisory switches, or any other supervisory devices for function and reporting to fire alarm control panel.
  • Testing of control and relay integration functions for such purposes as shutting down of HVAC systems, releasing of magnetic door holders, etc.
  • Testing of occupant notification devices such as horns, strobes, low frequency sounders, or others, to verify that alarms can be seen or heard, also verifying for ADA compliance with strobe sync functions.
  • Testing for fire alarm wiring circuit integrity, testing to verify that the fire alarm control panel can sense missing devices, open circuits, ground faults, and short circuits.
Fire Alarm Systems: Wayne & Southeast Michigan | Valiant Security - fire-alarm-installation

We are Trained to Install and Modify Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems installed properly the first time are the systems that have the lowest cost of ownership over the lifetime of the system. When a certified and properly trained technician from Valiant Security installs your fire alarm system, you can rest assured knowing that your fire alarm system has been installed beyond industry standards. Our care and attention to detail means better protection for wiring, equipment, and devices, resulting in less headache for you. We go beyond the call of duty when it comes to installing your fire alarm system, so you aren't woken up in the middle of the night because of fire alarm trouble signals and faulty wiring. Whether you are erecting a new building or remodeling an existing building, we can work with your team to craft the right solution for you that is compliant with all codes and standards.

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