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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher & Fire Suppression Systems in Wayne and Southeast Michigan

When there is a fire, fire extinguishers are a first line of defense and can suppress flames enough to help building occupants escape a fire safely. Oftentimes, a portable fire extinguisher can totally extinguish a fire and prevent fixed fire sprinkler systems or suppression systems from activating, saving the building owner thousands of dollars in property damage and fire system recharge and service fees. You can count on Valiant Security to provide the right types of fire extinguishers for the hazards in your facilities, saving you money and keeping your people and assets safe.

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We Inspect Fire Extinguishers to Ensure They are Up to NFPA Standards

Although annual fire extinguisher inspections may seem excessive to the average business owner, it may be surprising to know how susceptible to damage a fire extinguisher can be. Extinguishers may be used, tampered with, knocked off their wall hangers and dropped on the floor, used for other purposes such as door stops, and replaced back on their hangers without the business owner knowing the safety of their employees and customers has been compromised. As the person ultimately responsible, do not expose yourself to such avoidable liability- have your fire extinguishers inspected frequently. Valiant Security can help you with annual or even monthly fire extinguisher inspections. We can also assist you with selecting the appropriate fire extinguishers for your unique situation, and even provide a complimentary audit of your existing fire extinguisher selection and placement. Call and ask today, and provide your business with a more secure tomorrow.

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Fire Extinguisher & Suppression Systems: Wayne & Southeast Michigan | Valiant Security - fire-extinguisher-service-and-sales

Make Sure Your Extinguisher is Fully Charged with Help from Valiant Security

Fire extinguishers are selected and placed in a facility based on their ability to meet certain criteria considering the fire hazards where the extinguishers are placed. If your fire extinguishers are not fully charged, it is likely that the extinguisher will not put out the fire. Simply squeezing the handle and causing a short burst of chemical to expel from the hose can cause all the pressure to escape from the extinguisher over a short period of time. If your extinguisher has been used, knocked off the hanger, tampered with, or if for any reason you are unsure about its ability to completely discharge powder or other extinguishing agent, call us right away for a fire extinguisher refill and recharge.

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Do You Need a Fire Extinguisher Test?

Fire extinguisher manufacturers, DOT requirements, and NFPA standards provide particular requirements for testing and maintenance intervals, which varies depending on type of extinguisher. For example, hydrostatic pressure tests must be conducted on high pressure carbon dioxide extinguishers every five years. Low pressure mild steel dry chemical ABC type extinguishers only have to be pressure tested every 12 years, but also have requirements for internal examinations at 6 years. The various rules and regulations on fire extinguishers can be confusing, so let Valiant Security guide you through the requirements. During our comprehensive fire extinguisher inspections, our technicians prepare detailed reports including manufacture and service interval dates, locations, and types of all your extinguishers. If we find extinguishers that are due for additional services, such as pressure tests, internal examinations, recharge, or refill, we prepare a proposal for your review and create an extinguisher maintenance plan for the future of your business so you know about extinguisher maintenance costs years ahead of time. Call us now, let's get working on a maintenance plan for your business today.

Ensure Your Extinguisher Works Properly