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Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring in Wayne and Southeast Michigan

An alarm system is not complete without monitoring services. With Valiant Security's monitoring services, your alarm system is connected to our premier Michigan based TMMA Five-Diamond central station. When your alarm system is connected to our monitoring services solutions, first responders are notified in seconds with the nature of your emergency. 

Monitoring Fire Alarm System

Having a Reliable Company Monitoring Your Fire Alarm System is Critical in Times of Crisis

When your alarm system goes off, you want someone with an extensive amount of experience to not only connect you to emergency responders, but to also be ready to deploy solutions for false alarms, and next steps in unfortunate circumstances. Valiant Security offers our own alarm monitoring services to ensure your building is in excellent, careful hands. For more information on what our monitoring services include, or to schedule a consultation with us about setting up your fire alarm and monitoring service, feel free to reach out to us. Remember, contacting us today can prevent crisis tomorrow.

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Our Monitoring Solutions Include:

  • 24/7 central station monitoring
  • Equipment and setup
  • Wireless and cellular