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Clean Agent System

Clean Agent Fire Systems in Wayne & Southeast Michigan

No business in the Detroit, Michigan area would be complete without a clean agent fire suppression system that’s been professionally installed and maintained through regular inspections and testing. As an experienced fire suppression and life safety system contractor, Valiant Security can provide all of these services for your business. You never know when a fire might happen, so you want to be prepared with reliable equipment to protect your most valuable assets.

How to Find the Right Clean Agent Fire Suppression System for Your Business Finding the right fire suppression system is more complicated for certain businesses. The industries we serve where FM-200 and Novec 1230 have proven effective include:

Automatic Gas Fire Extinguishing System Photo
  • IT including server rooms, data centers, or for other electrical components.
  • Telecommunications centers.
  • Records repositories, libraries, or any sensitive documents collections.
  • Museums, historical structures, art collections.
  • Flammable liquids storage containers or rooms.
  • Medical and chemical laboratories.

In each of these cases, there are unique fire hazards. Just using water to put out a fire could create other safety hazards, which is why your business will need an alternative such as an FM-200 or Novec 1230 fire system. The right system will also preserve data if a fire threatens to compromise your digital assets.

Cleanup is an important consideration because if it’s too complicated with a particular agent, your business may have to close its doors temporarily, meaning lost revenue for your business and lost hours for your employees. With clean agents, there is no cleanup. We simply need to refill your gas cylinder. The right fire suppression system minimizes downtime so you can move on after a fire quickly.

How Valiant Security Can Help

Fire safety isn’t something you can guess on. You need an experienced fire suppression and life safety contractor you can trust for guidance. That’s why you should turn to Valiant Security for all your fire protection needs. No one understands the unique fire suppression needs of different kinds of businesses better than we do. We provide comprehensive services to preserve your business, your assets, and the wellbeing of your employees.


Whether your building is brand-new and you need your first fire suppression system or you need a previous system replaced, our professionals can help. Since we understand how unique every business is, we can recommend what system is the best fit for your needs while offering maximum protection and minimizing downtime.


Every FM-200 fire system must be regularly inspected for you to remain compliant and. Our team will inspect your system routinely to ensure it meets the fire code standards of Michigan and your insurance company as well as the National Fire Protection Association. Our thorough inspections provide peace of mind.


Testing is another crucial part of keeping your clean agent fire suppression system in top condition at all times. Even if you’ve never used your fire suppression system before, it’s possible that if you needed it tomorrow it wouldn’t perform like how it did when originally installed. We’ll keep your business compliant and make sure that if the unthinkable happens, you have every safety measure in place.

Learn How Valiant Security Can Protect Your Business

With our wide range of products and our expertise, you can trust Valiant to keep your business, your assets, and your employees safe. To learn about our solutions and how they can protect you, get in touch with Valiant Security today.