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Fire Alarms and Systems

Exceptional Fire Alarms & Systems For Businesses in Wayne, MI

Headquartered in Wayne, Michigan, Valiant Security is the sole source of fire protection and a valued alarm partner for businesses across Michigan. We specialize in the inspection, testing, and installation of fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems. Your fire sprinklers, fire alarms, fire pumps, and other safety equipment is mission-critical in keeping your people, property, and assets safe, and our licensed and certified technicians are always ready to make sure your fire safety equipment is operating properly. Call us today and prevent a crisis tomorrow.

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We Handle Everything from Inspections and Tests to Maintenance and Alarm Monitoring

Annual, semi-annual, or quarterly inspections as required by building codes and NFPA standards ensure that your fire systems and equipment will operate properly in the event there is a fire or emergency. Our professionals perform thorough inspections and if any deficiencies are found, we will stand by your side to make the repairs necessary to get your fire system back in service and in compliance with all codes and standards. Our company is also licensed and insured to design and install many types of fire systems. Whether you are building a new building or modifying an existing building, we can install a new fire system or modify an existing system, as well as provide fire system monitoring services after the project is complete. Take action today to protect your business from the threat of fire. 

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