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Fire Sprinklers and Pumps

Quality Fire Sprinklers & Pumps for Your Property in Wayne, MI

Whether you own an office building, warehouse, factory, or residential building in southeast Michigan, Valiant Security is the right fire sprinkler company for the job. Our Saline-based team is certified and state licensed to install or maintain your sprinkler system, and our low costs will make you glad you chose us.

Inspecting Fire Sprinkler

We Perform Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Testing 

Fire sprinkler systems are required by Michigan Building Code depending on building size and use group, and for good reason. Building sprinkler systems are designed to suppress or control fire long enough for fire departments to arrive and extinguish flames, allowing time for occupants to escape and preventing catastrophic losses to structures and assets. Testing and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems ensures that your fire sprinkler system is working as it was designed to. Trust the safety of your employees, residents, and inventory to the licensed and certified technicians at Valiant Security. 

When you hire us to perform your annual inspections, you can expect our technicians to perform the following tasks:

  • Inspect pipe, hangers, gauges, sprinklers, valves, and all other appurtenances for physical damage and maintenance interval dates.
  • Exercise all control valves to make sure they fully close, open, and seal shut.
  • Test all associated fire alarm sprinkler monitoring devices and verify reports at the fire alarm control panel.
  • Perform forward flow test, or "main drain test," to verify adequacy of water supply and compare to previous results.
  • Inspect the building for changes in occupancy or use and verify adequate sprinkler coverage throughout.
  • Test to verify that water flow at sprinkler test valves produces fire alarms and reports to our alarm monitoring agency.
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Count on Us for Sprinkler System Installations and Emergencies

Sprinkler heads, control valves, fire pumps, dry valves, and other fire sprinkler system parts are not universal for every fire sprinkler design. Building construction type, facility use, storage heights, available water supply, and many other factors determine best choices for fire sprinkler system components. The fire sprinkler design and installation crew at Valiant Security has the experience to handle the challenges your unique building or storage arrangement presents. We also offer 24-hour emergency sprinkler system service and repair for your business. If you have a broken sprinkler head, broken pipe, or have water flooding your building, do not hesitate to call us for service on demand.

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Our Company is Also Experienced in Testing and Inspecting Fire Pumps

Like many other types of pumps, fire pumps operate consistently and reliably when they are properly maintained and exercised regularly. Unlike other pumps that are operated on a daily basis, fire pumps can go for extended periods of time without being turned on because they aren't used for heating, cooling, or other industrial processes that people notice on a daily basis.  When not exercised and maintained regularly, fire pumps are susceptible to excessive corrosion, leaks, and other damage. Valiant Security will assist you in developing a testing and maintenance plan for your fire pumps to ensure that they are ready to deliver water as designed in the event of fire. 

Some items our technicians look for while inspecting and testing fire pumps include:

  • Inspecting for physical damage to casing, seals, shaft, controller, couplings, safety guards, and trim piping.
  • Testing fire pump controller functions, power supply line voltage and amperage, batteries, and ancillary equipment.
  • Testing of diesel engine drivers, coolant systems, fuel storage, exhaust systems, and engine speed controls.
  • Flow testing of fire pump to ensure that pump is delivering water as designed at required flow rates.