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Restaurant Fire Systems

Wayne, MI's Leading Kitchen Fire Suppression Experts

Kitchen fire systems offer an extra level of protection for your commercial cooking operations. The large quantities of oil and grease present in commercial cooking appliances and ventilation systems create a unique challenge, but wet chemical fire suppression systems have been specially engineered to overcome these hazards when properly installed and maintained. If you have a restaurant in Southeast Michigan, Valiant Security is prepared to keep your kitchen fire system ready for when disaster strikes.

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We Perform Fire System Inspections for Restaurants in the Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor Area

Restaurants and commercial kitchens create unique fire hazards. Highly flammable oils and grease accumulate on cooking appliances, exhaust hoods, and exhaust ductwork that conventional water-based fire sprinkler systems are not well-suited to extinguish. Kitchen fire systems are specialized for these environments and engineered to extinguish fires due to grease and cooking oil, as long as they are inspected and maintained properly. Because of the accumulation of grease and oils, kitchen fire suppression systems require more frequent inspections to make sure they will operate in the event of a fire. If you own a restaurant or business with a commercial kitchen, this hazard presents the greatest threat to your business due to fire. Don't let everything you have built be destroyed by a grease fire that could have been extinguished if your fire system had been properly maintained, call Valiant and secure your business today.

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