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Backflow Services

Expert Backflow Prevention Services Throughout Southeast MI

Backflow prevention assemblies are cross-connection control equipment that prevents pollution and contamination of the public water supply ensuring their safety as well as yours.  Being in compliance with codes and standards concerning this public utility is critical in mitigating liability to yourself and your business.  Take the necessary precautions and protect the public's health to Backflow testing, installation, and maintenance.

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Backflow Preventer Testing & Inspections Could Save Your Building and Everyone in it

Most water departments in Detroit and surrounding areas require commercial property owners to have the backflow preventers at their businesses tested at least once annually and will even force compliance with water shut-off notices before your annual tests are even due! With Valiant Security on your side, you will never have to worry about shut-off notices from your local water department. We will work with you to develop a service agreement and a maintenance and testing plan to make sure that your business stays in compliance and water always stays flowing from the tap. 

We Can Test Your:

  • Fire sprinkler backflow
  • Domestic water backflow
  • Lawn irrigation backflow
  • Lawn sprinkler backflow
  • PVB assembly
  • DCVA assembly
  • RP/RPZ assembly
  • And others
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Rely on Us for Backflow Assembly Repair and Replacement

Backflow preventers are expensive to repair or replace, and don't always need to be repaired or replaced just because they may have failed a backflow test. Let our experts take a look at your backflow preventer; we might be able to save you thousands of dollars. If we do find that your backflow preventer assembly is in need of repair or replacement, we will offer a solution for your unique cross connection control hazard that meets applicable codes and standards. 

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We are Experienced with Backflow Systems and Issues of All Kinds

If we are working on your fire sprinkler backflow preventer, we promise to also ensure that your fire alarm system and fire sprinkler system needs are met. At Valiant Security, we recognize that replacing a fire sprinkler main backflow preventer creates additional challenges. When you partner with us to fix your backflow preventer, we will make sure your fire alarm tamper switches are reinstalled on your new backflow control valves. We can prevent false alarms from occurring on your alarm panel during our work. Replacing or installing a backflow preventer on a fire sprinkler system can even require a complete hydraulic analysis and calculations of your fire sprinkler system due to the differences in pressure loss between your old assembly and your new assembly. You can trust Valiant Security to ensure your cross-connection control compliance while also ensuring fire code compliance. 

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Why Work with Valiant Security?

If you have backflow preventers in Detroit, Ann Arbor, or surrounding areas, Valiant Security is your best choice for a testing company. Our technicians have completed the rigorous training of the ASSE (American Society of Sanitary Engineers), are certified ASSE backflow preventer testers, and have years of experience and training in cross-connection control and backflow prevention. We can test backflow preventers for fire sprinkler, domestic water, lawn irrigation or sprinkler, or any other use. Best yet, our backflow testing prices are lower than most other providers in Detroit, give us a call today and see how much we can save you!

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